Help me to make my faith grow

I know my faith in God is not strong enough because I still doubted myself.
I am still lukewarm to our God. I remember going to church I need help from God. I rarely come to church.
I did a lot of mistakes.

Please help me to pray that God will give me wisdom and knowledge to know Him more and to study his word to make my faith grow and strong.
also, pray that God forgives me for the sins that I committed.
Thank you so much!


I will be praying for you, Aniya. I hope God will touch your heart to be closer to Him again. I know God makes miracles and touching people to know Him more, just always pray and tell your problems. He will help you in everything.

I am praying for you @aniya_michal, may the Lord will guide and help you to make your faith grow and stronger.
I will always include this in my prayer.
God bless you always.

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