Help me to ask God for forgiveness

Lord, the important thing for me is that I love you so much, that’s why I love you with all my heart and mind, and soul as if it were our love.
I leave it to you, what is right for us in life. whatever your decision is, we will accept it wholeheartedly, because you are the Lord, our God, in whom we trust and believe.
Lord you are really in charge of our lives and I thank you with all my heart for your love for us and your goodness and kindness to us, that’s why you are the only one we believe in and hope for in our lives, because we only borrowed the life you gave us, so you take care of our lives.

I am asking for I apologize to you sincerely and with all my heart, and humbly, and we ask for your patience and forgiveness, especially me. But I believe with all my heart that you can forgive me even though I am lacking and make mistakes. I have sinned against you, but you are still able to love me, please understand and forgive me.

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I would you to know that God already forgives you despite all the mistakes you had made in the past.
keep repenting to God wholeheartedly.
God never forsakes us because He loves us.