Help me pray to overcome my bitterness

Dear God,
I pray for the strength and courage to release and let go of this bitterness. Help me to forgive those who have wronged me, and to forgive myself for holding onto this negativity for so long. I ask for your guidance and support as I embark on this journey of healing and forgiveness.

Please fill my heart with love, compassion, and understanding. Help me to see the good in others and in myself, and to extend grace and forgiveness to those who have hurt me. I choose to release any grudges or resentments that I have been holding onto, and I surrender my bitterness to you.

I also pray for healing in all areas of my life that have been affected by this bitterness. May your light shine upon me and bring me peace, harmony, and emotional well-being. Help me to move forward with a renewed heart and a spirit of forgiveness.

Thank you for your love, support, and guidance. I trust in your wisdom and grace, and I surrender my bitterness to your care. Amen.


It may take time and effort to release bitterness, but with faith, perseverance, and a willingness to forgive, you can overcome it. Take your time, be patient with yourself, and trust in the process of healing. You are not alone, and there is always support available to you.

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Lord, I pray for healing in the heart and mind of Kayleen. Renew her spirit and help her to cultivate a heart of compassion, love, and forgiveness. Give her the strength to resist the temptation to hold on to bitterness, and to choose forgiveness and peace instead. Amen.