Healing Testimony of My Sister

My sister was diagnosed with cancer, which caused her terrible pain. The doctor says that there is no hope for her. But we don’t believe what the doctor says. We only believe in God. After all, he is our divine healer because, with God, nothing is impossible for Him. We always prayed that the Lord give us the sign that my sister would get healed. And then, one day, the doctor told us that there was a health improvement in her. That was big news for us. There is hope that she will be healed. And now her health is improving. We were hoping for her full recovery. We Thank God for not giving up my sister and for always being there for her.


Always believe in God and have faith in Him for everything. For God, nothing is impossible for Him. I am praying for her full recovery, and may God give her strength to fight her trials. May God bless your family.

I am happy for the recovery of your sister.I am praying for your sister , may the Lord will bless her always and guides her in her new journey.God bless your family.