Healing Prayer for my Mother who have a lung cancer

Pray for my mother she has a lung cancer, It’s started last year, The doctor says she only live for 5 years. I can’t accept this, I want her to be healed. Please pray for a miracle for her. Thank you


Praying for your mother to have healing power. Trust God for him nothing is impossible.
God bless you and to your family.

Praying for your mother , for her fast recovery .
I know this is hard for you, but with the help our God, you can overcome this trial. God bless your family.

I am praying for you and your mother, and She is brave enough to face this trial. I am praying for healing and a miracle for her.

May God lend a helping hand to cure your mother. I am praying for her recovery, healing, and miracle for her. God bless you

I am praying for your mother’s fast recovery; keep seeking our Almighty Father, who is always there for us. For God, nothing is Impossible, don’t lose hope. I know your mother is a strong person. God bless you

Praying for your mother’s recovery, be strong for her. May god give her healing and miracle power. Trust god always; for him, nothing is impossible. And have faith in him. God bless you.

I will pray for your mother. May God give her healing and miracle power. Have faith in our almighty father for him. Everything is possible. God bless you