Healing Prayer for my Family Health Issue

My family has been struggling with health issues. My brother encountered a car accident last year. Because of that accident, he suffered a lot. He always has pains in his stomach. My mother has a blood clot in her lungs, and she needs to have surgery. Pray that the Lord gives us the strength and courage to face these trials. And please pray that the Lord guides us and be near us as they attempt to regain their health. Strengthen their bodies and minds as they struggle through this season of life. Please Pray that we can help to support and take care of each other as we should during this time of sickness.Thank you so much

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Hi, Vhera. Praying for God’s healing hands on your family. Times are already tough, and the struggles you’ve been facing make things twice tougher. May God be with your family always. Keep the faith.

I am praying for your family. May the Lord give the healing and miracle power, and may God give them the strength to overcome these battles. Nothing is Impossible with God. Always believe in Him and have Faith.