Healing prayer for mom Rose

My mom is sick. She has tuberculosis . Since then, she is not in good condition.
May the Lord take away all her pain. Thank You


Praying for you and your mom to be filled with God’s comfort and peace during this trying time. May you experience God’s miracles in your hearts and lives.

Praying for your mom’s fast recovery.
May god bless your family.

I will include your Mom to my prayers.

Praying for your mom’s recovery. God bless

Praying for your Mom, Hoping that she can recover soon.

Praying for your for her fast recovery. God bless you

Praying for your mom, I will pray for her fast recovery, May God gives her a healing power. Trust God for him; all things are possible.

I am praying for your Mother’s fast recovery. May God give her healing and miracle power. Be strong for your Mother :muscle: