Having faith in God we can overcome those struggles

We all like giving up sometimes. We feel sometimes like God is too far away from us.
When were tired, when we think we just can’t go on.
We feel like sometimes it’s the end of everything because of the struggle that we face.
Facing those big storms in our lives that we think we can’t endure, but with our faith in God, little by little we can overcome those storms.

In the season of the struggle or storm in our lives, all we need to do is to seek God and have faith in Him.
Having faith in God we can overcome those struggles.
Don’t think of quitting because of your struggle, a lot of people out there struggle but they survive.
Don’t give up!

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We can avoid thinking about giving up since sometimes we feel like we can’t make it.
We feel like the heavy burdens that we carried.
But when we surrender to God, He will give us strength to ease our burden.