Having a serious illness is God's way of how to be close to him

Having a serious illness is God’s way of how to be close to him. Even though I am suffering from what I have been through now, I feel that the Lord is with me in my fight, he will not abandon me. I continue to come to God to heal me completely from my illness.

A great testimony in life If the Lord heals me. And a great victory If the Lord sends me home early.
So just fight while I’m still being given the chance to connect my life.
Wherever you take me Lord :pray: so be it. I will accept it. I will always praise you. Amen!

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Sometimes we forget that there is God that’s why God will give us trials so that we can return to Him and get closer to Him.

No matter what happens to us always seek God and praise Him.
Because everything around us, everything we have right now is from God.