Have faith and trust in God's divine providence

“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32

In this verse, Jesus encourages His followers not to be fearful or anxious. Jesus reassures them that it is the Father’s pleasure to grant them His kingdom, which refers to the blessings, provisions, and eternal inheritance that God bestows on those who trust in Him.

It remind us to have faith and trust in God’s divine providence. Despite life’s uncertainties and challenges, God’s love for His children is steadfast, and He takes delight in providing for them abundantly. Therefore, followers of Christ can find comfort and security in knowing that they are in the hands of a caring and gracious God who will provide for their needs.


Embracing divine providence helps us view challenges as opportunities for learning and growth, knowing that they are part of a higher plan.

Having faith in divine providence serves as a source of comfort and hope, especially during times of loss, grief, or uncertainty.

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have faith and trust in God’s divine providence. Surrender your worries and fears, and embrace the journey with confidence, knowing that God’s plan for you is far greater than you can imagine. With trust in His providence, you will experience a deeper connection with God and find comfort in the knowledge that you are being guided and cared for by a loving Creator.