Happy 10th anniversary our super dad

Five years ago I started praying for a good husband when I turn 25. God gave me a good husband like you, You taught me a lot from hearing the word of God and to our family. I am so blessed that chose you me to become my long-life partner. I never regret my decision of saying “Yes I do” in front of the Lord and to our loved ones. You accept me with all your heart to my imperfections. I am not going to be a good mother to our child if you don’t help to be one. You shower us with your love and also the word of God since you are our church leader. Thank you so much Love. Always remember wherever you go, we always here waiting for your safe return. HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY OUR SUPER DAD.
We love you so much, May God bless you with good health and long life.

It is so touching! Happy 10th Anniversary!