God's way is always unexpected

It was not easy for me and my husband to have a child because of my PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome. Our relationship was also tested when my husband had another woman.

Our relationship did not go well. Because of work, we often lose time with our family. Unexpectedly our business went bankrupt and weakened. We didn’t know how to get back up.
I didn’t know if we reconcile at that time but because of our business bankruptcy, we had time to get together to process the things that we need.
Despite all that, we didn’t realize that our to each other will return to the way we used to be.
And I didn’t know that I am pregnant, with that good news we also recover our business.

God’s way is always unexpected. We are grateful to God because we learned to forgive each other after the storm in our life.


God’s wisdom and plans are considered to be beyond human understanding, and they may sometimes unfold in unexpected and surprising ways.
All we need to do is to believe God and Trust His plan and process.

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