God's providence

Every one of us has a different kind of story in our lives.
I just want to share my story since I was young, My life is tough I’ve been through a lot of hardship before I’ve known God.
When I was in grade school my Mom had Tuberculosis and she needed to maintain her medication for 6 months, my brother at that time is so young she needed my Mom’s attention but it was not possible, he has to be kept away from our mother so as not to get infected. We struggle with our finances at that time. At a young aged, I decided not to continue my studies because I want to take care of my brother. I thought that time I am young there still a chance to study again. Until my Mom got healed.

After how many years In God’s will my Mom is fully recovering from her illness that time I promise God that I want to serve Him because He healed my Mom.
You know since I am at my young aged that time, sometimes I forgot my promise to God. My life sometimes is on the wrong path.
We always struggle with our finances. Since my father is the only one who provided for our family.

One day one of my friends ask me if I want to join her Bible study and then I said yes, from that day we’ve been always had a Bible study after our school activities.
I decided to return to God and fulfill my promise to Him when I was a child.
You know what God always has a way for us to return to Him.

I am thankful to my friend for bringing me back to God. From the day I decided to follow Jesus our life is not that hard.
My Father started his own business and my Mom help him to handle our small business.
I am thankful to God for providing us with a decent life. We are not struggling with our finances anymore.


Thank God for helping you to overcome those hardships. God is good all the time.
Let’s always be thankful to Him for everything we have.

@Mabel_Nadeau I have been also struggling before. but with my Trust and faith in God. I overcome those struggles. I am thankful to God for His goodness and grace that he’s given to us.
God bless you! :heart: