God's Presence and Goodness

When I was in grade six, I had an encounter with Jesus. During my darkest days, God shows up and talks to me. That time I am really broken because my grandfather died he is the one who is closest to me. I am dreaming about my grandfather who is with our Lord. When I woke up from that dream I realized that my grandfather is in our God’s hands. I know he is happy that time that’s why he doesn’t want me to be broken.

God comfort and embrace me His divine Holy Spirit. He healed me from my brokenness. I am thankful that God never let me suffer at that time. I am also grateful that He allowed me to talk to my grandfather in my dreams, to ease my broken heart.
From that dream, I decided to move on and move forward because I know God is with and I am not going to feel alone anymore.

No matter what we’ve been through always Trust God and also never lose hope. Because God is our Hope.

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Nothing is impossible with God when we Trust God with all our hearts. God has a different way of how He healed us.
When we seek God and talk to Him and let God help us with our burdens. In all the things we go through in life if we turn to God and ask him for help, the Lord will help us.
Keep believing in God.