God's plans will always be greater and more beautiful than all your disappointments

This is the hardest part when you fall in love. The kind that gets up and moves on after you let go of someone you really love more than your life then when you finally say I’m okay. Suddenly they come back and confuse you again. Maybe because they know that they still have a place in your heart.
That’s why it will be difficult for you to think and you will be really confused.

I know, we’re not the same, and we have our own decisions, but if he hurt you too much and you know that you didn’t have any flaws before…and you know that you can’t go back to the way things were before, it’s better not to accept it again
You’ve moved on…it means you can afford to lose him…right?
That’s why in the alphabet after X is Y because after losing your ex we ask why right?
So to all the brokenhearted out there Move on and forget the past because everything has a purpose.

God’s plans will always be greater and more beautiful than all your disappointments.
God loves us

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Nothing will happen to us if we keep insisting to follow our plan.
All we get is a disappointment from that, that’s why we need to trust God and let His plan works in our lives.
Because His plan is the best for us.