God's plan for you are better than your plans for yourself

Remember that God’s plans for you are always greater than your own. Sometimes, it may feel like your dreams are slipping away or that you’re facing unexpected challenges. But know that God’s wisdom far exceeds your understanding, and His timing is perfect. When you surrender to His plan, you open yourself to a world of possibilities and blessings beyond your imagination. So, keep faith, for His path for you is filled with purpose, growth, and an abundance of love and grace.


Even in moments of uncertainty, remember that His purpose is unfolding, and His path for you is filled with blessings you may not yet see. Embrace the journey with faith, for His plans are always greater than your own, and He has a unique and beautiful path designed just for you

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It reminds us that unexpected changes or detours in life can be part of God’s plan, leading to new opportunities and personal growth.