'God's Natural Order Is Under Attack': 16-Year-Old Student Arrested for His Biblical Values

Nowadays when you stand for what you believe or stand on your religious beliefs, a lot of people persecute us.
I don’t know if is it because they soak in their sins. That’s why they don’t want to hear what is true, they don’t want to hear the word of God because their sin has swallowed them up to the point they don’t want to repent, they chose worldly things over God.
It’s sad to think that many of us give in to sin instead of coming to God.

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It is not bad if we voice out what we are led to believe, the only problem in our time today is that people are too blind to the truth, the truth about the word of the Lord.

I hope you continue to voice out the word of God and keep believing in Him, despite what you’ve been through.