God's love is unfailing

God, as a father who truly loves His child, will not forsake. Whatever you need, if it is good for you, He will provide.
Whatever your sin, just repent fully and ask Him for forgiveness, and you will surely be forgiven. Remember, there is no reason to be discouraged because we have a Father in heaven who is always watching over us.

Be grateful to God for watching over us.
For sending His angels to guard us or keep us away from danger.
God’s love is unfailing.


The Lord’s love for us is unparalleled.
He forgives us despite all the committed sins that we did.
He is always there to lend His divine hands to us when we need Him.
He does not hesitate to save us from our sins.
Thank you, Lord God for the love that you have given to us.

Just trust in God, gave your heart to God He will also gave His heart to you.
We won’t even see him but always remember that he is always there by your side to guide you through all your trials in life.
That’s how God love us.