God will help those who are weak

It is God who sends and gives and makes a way for you to get through all the trials in life.
It’s a good feeling that you didn’t do anything, you didn’t show anything, but you passed the hardship.
God will help you that way,
You just have to do it from the beginning to the end because you will be tested many times and because of that you become strong, you are fighting in the middle of the battle of life even if it is difficult!!!

God will help those who are weak, so let’s not test God because he is God and not our equal!!
God said to walk in the dark, beware of the light, and don’t be afraid of the dead, because the dead will not move, but the living can do much evil.
let’s believe God no matter what He says.


Amen! Thank you for helping me when I am alone and I don’t know what I am going to do.
Because of your Devine power I am strong, thank you for strengthen me when I feel hopeless.

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