God will give me a reason to smile again

I had surgery when I was 10 years old and it left me broken because I lost way more than I should have in an attempt to keep me alive but it tore me apart and brought me down, I struggled with faith, with hope, with my school and education and people throwing words at me, and am still struggling, sometimes I completely lose faith and think it’s the end for me.

One day I tried to go to church and the sermon of the pastor hits me.
As I listened to his sermon and I decided to give faith one more try. I am hoping that God will give me a reason to smile again.


Keep believing in God, He will be there for you to heal you fully.
Don’t lose hope, God will always make a way to cure our illness.
Keep smiling and continue to live your life to the foolish.

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You know what when you about to give up but God gave you the reason to keep going and give you the strength that you need so that you will continue to keep moving and reach for you goal.
That’s how God goodness works in our lives.