God wants us to heal us from any pain and discomfort that we felt

As a believer that god is compassionate and caring, and that He desires to bring healing and wholeness to those who are suffering.
While some individuals may experience physical or emotional healing, others may find strength, comfort, and resilience in their faith as they navigate through their pain and difficulties.

Suffering and challenges are part of the human experience, and different belief systems offer different perspectives on the purpose and meaning of pain.
Some religious traditions emphasize the importance of finding meaning and spiritual growth through adversity, while others emphasize the hope of eventual eternal healing and fulfillment in the afterlife.

The understanding of how God works in relation to healing and pain can vary among individuals and religious communities. It is important to seek guidance and comfort from your specific religious beliefs and engage in open dialogue with spiritual leaders or fellow believers who can provide support and insight aligned with your faith tradition.

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Indeed, God desires our healing and wholeness. He is a loving and compassionate God who cares deeply for us and wants to alleviate our pain and discomfort.

Trust in God’s love and compassion, and seek the necessary resources and support to aid in your healing journey. May you find comfort, restoration, and wholeness in God’s loving embrace.