God Saved My Daughter From Death

My older Son called me to say that my daughter had been in a car accident and was in the hospital. The doctor said, he said that her injuries were severe and they may be unable to save her. He told her family to get to the hospital as soon as possible and prepare. As soon I received that call, I prayed can I know you are divine, Everything in your hands. Please save my daughter. And I’m leaving it up to You whether she lives or dies, whether she can go on living. When I got to the hospital, I saw my daughter lying in bed with a full bandage. Seeing my daughter, it really pained me. After how many days my daughter has a sign of survival, that was a piece of good news for us. God saves my daughter from the peak of her death. I was so thankful for giving us our daughter again.


I am happy about your daughter’s recovery. May God gives her healing power and strength. The goodness of the lord is eternity. He is always there for us.God bless your family

That was a piece of good news :heart: I am praying for her fast recovery. May god gives her a healing power and gives her the strength to face these trials. God bless