God save my family

When I met the Lord, I felt a different kind of joy, that’s the joy that I’ve never felt with anyone, not even with my parents, siblings, girlfriend, or friends, the joy that I felt when I met him, I will never forget that person most happy that day. Before that happened, I used to be addicted to marijuana, drinking and other sin came that night, when I realized that I was addicted to marijuana because my life was like that, I wouldn’t wake up or go to sleep if I didn’t stretch or stay for a while. I did that because that’s my way to relieve the sadness, fear, and the missing thing in my life that I’m looking for then that night came when I was alone without friends I was sitting on the road looking up at the sky I said to God “My God I’m tired I’m done with my life, it’s just the same thing over and over again, if you’re true, change me…” my birthday came, I was 20 years old at the time. I was separated from my parents and brother. I was living alone and drunk. I was drunk on my bday, drunk, drunk, I didn’t know my mother had turned to the Lord, she was waking me up, and I heard “son, go to church, thank God because it was your birthday yesterday, God increased your life, come on stand up now” I don’t know, I suddenly stood up and came even though my head hurt so much and it turns out that God will meet me there. That’s why I’m not always at our house, it’s always messy at home, and my mom and dad are always fighting, and cursing, so I decided to leave the house. Now we are all united again and my parents didn’t fight anymore, we are all Born Again Christians now, thanks to God for his promise that one will be saved and the whole family will be saved. PRAISE YOU LORD JESUS!!!

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God bless you @alphonsine_wilcox.
Sometimes we believe that seeking the attention of other people can gave us joy, but we are wrong about that we only find our happiness when we know Jesus first.
Because Jesus Christ is our joy.