God save me during my hardest time

I praise God for reaching out and helping me go through the toughest of times. During my college days, I felt so much pressure to do great in my academics because of the scholarship granted to me. It got to the point where I lost interest in everything because I feel like I’m failing from achieving those dreams. I almost hanged myself.

But due to the faith that I had in God, I continue my study even though it is hard for me.
Praise God! I am a teacher now.


Congratulations on your achievements in life; indeed, God is good. Just trust him and continue to believe that your dreams will come true. With perseverance and enthusiasm, everything is possible to achieve. Don’t forget to pray to God to guide you in all ways possible. God bless you more!

God is good all the time .
Just continue to believe and trust in Him.
Congratulations for your success I am happy for you.