God restore my relationship with my family

I was losing hope when I was in high school, my parents lost faith in me until I stopped studying and started working. I was mad, I was hurt I lived in a dark place, I hate crowded places, and I think about myself that I’m not worth loving, that I am the one who was hurting my loved ones. And the pandemic came into our lives, this pandemic is a big blessing to me. This is the time I met and heard about your love for me as a father. You are amazing you loved sinners father thank you for your true love. And now you continue to guide me you never leave me :sob: Thank you for saving me. It is a great privilege to be in your presence, Lord.

We are now reunited with my family and we have already forgiven each other.
Having Jesus in our lives we get closer to getting together day by day.
Our relationship restores because of our faith in God.
Thank you so much God for guiding us and restoring our relationship.

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:sob: :sob: How I wish that we have a good relationship with my relatives.
I tried to get closer to them but they are avoiding us, I don’t know if it is because we are not rich.
I am hoping that someday we had a good relationship.