God only wants what is best for us

God always gives us a chance. But for us people who are not contented with everything that we had, we always seek more. Why were we didn’t contented with what God has for us? We always do what’s in our mind not the plan has God for us, and then, in the end, we blamed God for what happened to us.
We are unreasonable for that.

People always do what they think can make them happy, like making a lot of money, we always wanted to become the center in the eyes of other people. We forget to seek God first in everything we have and say THANK YOU for what he has given to us.
That’s why sometimes God has His way for us to go back to His Kingdom. Like He needs to teach us a lesson that everything we do is against His well.
That’s why all we need to do is to follow God’s will o plan.
To become the best version of ourselves.
God only wants what is best for us.