God never left on my side

When I was young, I became the second father to my siblings.
I work at a young age to earn to help my family.
It was not easy for me because of the series of problems my family faced. My mother died, my father became addicted to drinking alcohol, and my sister got pregnant early.
But in the midst of what I was going through, I found God’s love.

During those difficulties and suffering God never left on my side.
I always felt God’s love and presence in my life.
I know He guides me to overcome those struggles. I am nothing if it’s not from God.


God have been my rock and my refuge, providing me with comfort and strength in times of need. His presence has given me hope, courage, and peace, knowing that I am never alone. God have been my guiding light, illuminating my path and showing me the way.

Thank you, Lord God, for not forsaking us despite all our shortcomings to you Lord.
Thank you for reminding us not to give up during our difficulties.
You remind us to keep going despite the struggle that we’ve been through.
I praise you Lord God :pray: