God never leave you

I remembered the times when I was so down, I was diagnosed with depression and I tried my best to get out of that situation.
I am thankful to God because I thought I would be alone in that battle but God was good and made me win.
I even wished Him to banish me from the world but when I woke up I was still alive.
He’s just always there to save me and prove that my life has significance too. I will never forget his kindness since then I promised Him that I will change and just set my eyes on Him. We’re truly blessed to have a God like him.
When you entrust your heart to him, he will never leave you.

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Jesus Christ never leaves or forsakes us because He loves us.
That’s how we Love God.
We are lucky that God is always with us to fight our battle. Helping us to win those battles.
I love you, Lord!