God never abandoned me

One month ago, when I decided to quit my job. It was one of the tough decisions I ever made. But then, there’s a beauty behind my unemployment. I met God again when I surrendered my dreams to Him. I had more time to get closer to Him. I just want to stay in Your presence. I surrendered my longings, desires, and even anxious thoughts. Your Love has changed me and continues to change me.
In times when there is no one to cling to and be close to, in times when no one is there for you. Come closer to Him, His love is eternal, God loves you and that will never change.
My heart flutters knowing how kind God is despite everything I have done. At the time my family abandoned me, the Lord did not hesitate to believe in me. When I was weak, He never abandoned me.


God never abandoned us we are the ones who abandoned Him.
He is always there waiting for us to return to Him because He loves us and He doesn’t want us to go weary.

Indeed, God never abandoned us, He is always there with us all the time.
That’s why we should Trust Him in whatever we do.
And follow His will for us.