God is so good to my life and to my family

I grew up serving in the church with my whole family.
But, this is contrary to my life outside the church.
I was addicted to drinking alcohol, causing me to do bad things.
My relationship also bore fruit which caused me to fall and despair.
Because I am not yet ready to have my own family.

But after I first saw my child, I decided to change and become a good father to my children and a good husband to my wife.
I return to God with my own family, and from that day I received a lot of grace that I didn’t expect.
God is so good to my life and to my family.


Amen! May you continue to believe and have faith in God no matter what you’ve been through and continue to serve Him with all your heart.
Guide your family to the right path and bless them with good health.

Good to hear that!
May you continue to believe and serve God with all your heart together with your family.
God always help us in unexpected ways and time.
Thank you, Lord God.