God is my strength and my rock!

From the time I was a child to now that I am 28 years old, I have gone through many trials and challenges in my life, but I don’t know how I got through all of that, I just know that God is not abandoning me. I feel the presence of GOD.
The worst experience I’ve had was during the pandemic, I was very sick, and there were so many questions about why, but despite that, I became strong to fight, during the pandemic.
I lost my job and I don’t know how my children and I will be, how can I support my dad who is on maintenance because of his sugar?

GOD is our great provider when I have a problem, he always saves me and doesn’t leave me alone, LORD helps me to be strong and I know that the time will come when all the hardships, are replaced by joy and happiness.
I am grateful to God for being my strength and my rock.

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Believing in God as a source of strength and stability is important to many people. It’s great to hear that you find comfort and support in your faith. Believing in a higher power can provide hope and a sense of purpose, which can help us navigate through difficult times.