God is a loving God and He won't let you down

I had to face the most painful thing that I never thought would ever happen. I thought it was still right, but the more I push my relationship with the person that I thought she is the one who stayed with me for the rest of my life but I was wrong the more I push it, the more she is getting away from me. I’m in so much pain, I cry every night for months and I’m not myself. To the point that I want to end my life.

But God lead me to His house, and I prayed over and over again. Now, I stand again in a nightmare that gives me a lot of lessons.
God is a loving God and He won’t let you down. There is hope.
Now I am with my the right person.

It is true when you surrender all to God and Trust Him that He will be the one who finds a way to solve your trials nothing is impossible.
Always seek God all the time and ask Him to guide you.