God has something better

Letting go is one of the hardest things in our lives. It’s also the best thing that we can do to make our lives better.
I’ve been in my past relationship where I gave everything even the precious’s things in my life but in the end, I am hurt.

I’ve learned a lot from my past.
I learned to let go when I surrender to God everything. He healed my broken heart.
He comfort me and gave me the person who cherishes me in this life.
I thank God for giving me a better opportunity when I am about to give up.


It’s not easy to let go especially when you are already attached to that person.
Letting go of someone special to you takes time. Wait for the right time. The time that God is the one who decides, the time that God’s plan in your lives works.
Because God’s plan is the best for us.

We are broke or hurt because God has a better plan for us, He only teaches us a lesson to be mature enough to accept things.

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True, God has a better plan for us. He has prepared for us the things that we deserve.
That’s why we need to let go of the things that will harm us.
God preparing you for a bigger or greater opportunity.
Keep believing in God and keep holding on to His promises.