God guide me to the right direction

During the times when my life was full of sadness and grief due to the loss of my mother. I felt like I had lost my direction in life, but I surrendered everything to God and asked him to fix my life again. Thanks to God’s presence and love, I found true joy again in the Cross that He sacrificed his life for us.

Despite what I went through in the past.
One of the things I learned is to be contented and Trust God with all our heart.
Thank you and I love you, Lord God!

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May God will always guide you and protect whatever you do and wherever you go.
Always believe that God is always with you!

Greetings.name is alan.my note bout guidance maybe helpfull to you.“God is pleased with you.hebs13v16.he is in control and will work everything out for you.as you keep trusting him.roms8v28.he will guide you and direct you.psl 32v8.isaiah48v17.also supply your needs.phils4v19.he has aplan for you and it’s agoodone.jeremiah29v11.we know nothing is impossible with our god.luke1v37.” gbless.alan