God endure everything to feel us how much He love us

it was hard but I still managed it because of all of that there is joy and I keep holding on to your promises Lord.

You can bear everything.
Just make me feel how much you love me and I am grateful for your love oh Lord.

You can wipe away all the tears, even if it’s tiring to love me, You won’t give up and You won’t leave me.
You teach me how to feel how important my life is.


Thank you, Lord God for the sacrifices that You had given to us.
We are free from our sins because of your blood on the cross.
Lord thank you for the unfailing love that you had given to us.
You are worthy of all our praises Lord God.

That’s how God loves us, He endures everything to save us from our sins.
We should grateful to God for loving us unconditionally.
We should grateful to God for everything we had right now.
We are nothing if it’s not from God.

God endure everything and shed His blood on the cross because of His love for us.
We should grateful to God for loving us unconditionally and for the sacrifices that He had done for us.