God comforts me during breakdowns

I’m silently fighting my battles alone.
I felt like I am a failure, I failed again and again. I tried so hard to fulfill my duties as the family breadwinner. I have some sleepless nights. Anxiety and severe sadness hit me a lot of times yet God showed ways to let me know that I am not alone.

He’s there whenever I felt everything’s falling apart. He comforts me during breakdowns. I felt His presence when no one is there for me. I can testify a lot of times that He’s doing something to let me realize the purpose of my existence.
I love you, Lord. I lift everything to you.

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Although there are people around who give us comfort our friends and family when we are alone, we can’t control our tears from falling.
Only in the presence of the Lord, we can find true comfort.
When we felt heavy in our hearts after pouring it out to the Lord we already feel delighted.
God is our comfort.