God change my life!

I am one of those people who sometimes made mistake and sometimes when I think of the mistake I made I cry, I was also a drunkard before.
But I found the love of Jesus I changed, I changed myself, I removed the things I used to do, I praised the Lord, I gave everything to him, and now I was the one who sang a worship song for Him. I am now part of His disciple.

My problems and any pain I was feeling, all of that disappeared because of Him, I surrendered everything to Him.
God changed me and I am happy and full of blessings.
Thank you so much oh God, You didn’t let me continue to be a person who knows nothing but to drink when there is a problem.
I changed because of you Lord God.

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Amen! God bless you @Kathline_Patterson. may you continue to serve and follow God.
I am happy for you. It’s an answered prayer.