God called us to surrender everything to Him

Trusting in God’s Plan means recognizing that His plans are greater than our own.
Surrendering allows us to let go of our own desires and surrender them to God’s will.

Surrendering to God often entails letting go of selfish desires and aligning our hearts and actions with His principles of love, compassion, forgiveness, and service. It involves seeking to live a life that reflects His teachings and dedicating ourselves to a higher purpose beyond our own self-interest.

Surrendering to God can bring a sense of peace, comfort, and rest. It allows us to release the burdens and anxieties that come with trying to control everything ourselves. Surrendering opens the door to experiencing God’s peace that surpasses understanding and finding rest in His presence.

Surrendering to God is a personal journey and may look different for each individual. It is a continuous process that requires ongoing faith, trust, and surrendering of our hearts and lives to Him. By surrendering to God, we acknowledge His authority, seek His guidance, and open ourselves to His transformative power in our lives.


Surrendering to God is not a one-time event but a daily choice to trust Him, seek His will, and rely on His strength. It is an act of worship and obedience, acknowledging that God’s ways are higher and better than our own. In surrender, we find freedom, peace, and the abundant life that comes from walking in intimacy with our Creator.


Surrendering everything to God involves recognizing His lordship over our lives and aligning our will with His. It requires us to let go of our self-centeredness, ambitions, and control, and instead submit to God’s guidance, authority, and purpose. Through surrender, we allow God to work in and through us, transforming us, leading us, and shaping us according to His perfect plan.


Surrendering to God is not a one-time event but a daily commitment. It requires ongoing surrender as we encounter new circumstances, make decisions, and face challenges. It is a lifelong journey of continually yielding ourselves to His will.

God desires our wholehearted surrender. It involves surrendering our will, desires, plans, and ambitions to align with His will. Jesus taught in Matthew 16:24-25 that if anyone wants to follow Him, they must deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow Him.