God blessed me with His abundant blessings

I was drowned in more than $100 thousand in debt.
Because of this, I am no longer able to pay my suppliers, and I am no longer able to provide for the needs of my children or even his staff.
I got to the point where I was forced to sell my belongings to make ends meet, but it still wasn’t enough.
I was in this situation when I remembered my late mother’s advice to fix my life.

Until one day when I am about to give up and hopeless God send someone to help me, someone bought one of my properties, and I paid my debt and I used the rest of my money to reopen my business, I didn’t expect that God blessed me with His abundant blessings.


Lord, as I receive your abundant blessings, I pray for wisdom and discernment to use them wisely and for the greater good. Thank you, Lord, for your unending grace and blessings. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Thank you, Lord, for the unending grace that we receive every day.
For not forsaking us despite our shortcomings.
I love you Lord and praise you always.