God answered our prayers

I am grateful to the Lord for the answered prayer with my wife and children. He grant exactly what we prayed for, and now I have been here for 2 years in the US with my 3years contract.

I work hard because I know this is the will of God and I thought about my family soon I brought them here to live for the better, since my company wants me to stay two more years. We are really thankful to the Lord Our God truly answers our prayers🙏.To God be all the Glory. Amen.


It’s wonderful to hear that you feel that your prayers have been answered. Many people find comfort and guidance through prayer, and it’s a powerful tool for connecting to our God and seeking help during difficult times.

Even if things don’t always go according to our plans or desires, we can trust that God has a plan for us and that our prayers will be answered in the way that is best for us. Keep faith and trust in God’s love and mercy, and continue to seek His guidance and blessings in your life.