God answered my prayer

Before I became a Christian, my belief in God was terrible, everything was opposite because I was thinking that I didn’t see God performing a miracle, why should I believe?
I used to think that the Bible was just like books.
So I didn’t believe that God is exist before.

But everything changes when I encountered an accident.
I had a lot bruise in my entire body but I was thankful because nothing seriously happen to me that time when my car got crash.
I tried to pray that may God will give me a miracle healing power and God answered my prayer after how many days I am doing well and fine.
I’ve been discharge from the hospital.
From that day my belief to God changes. I started to repent my sins and ask God forgiveness for all my wrong doing before.


That’s great and good news! I am happy for your changes.
Always seek God in everything we do nothing is impossible when we believe in Him.
keep believing God.

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It’s answered prayer thanks to God.
I am happy for your speedy recovery.
May you continue to serve God and believe in Him.
God bless you!

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I am happy for your change and speedy recovery.
You’re making a big change, and I’m so proud of you!

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Thank you for all your response in my post.
I appreciate it.
God bless us all!