For the battle is not yours but God's

In times of difficulty, surrendering the burdens to God can bring comfort and relief. It’s an acknowledgment that, with faith, we can find strength and resilience beyond our own capacities. This perspective encourages a sense of trust in divine guidance, allowing us to navigate challenges with a belief that there is a greater purpose and plan.

May this reminder bring peace to your heart, knowing that you are not alone in you struggles, and there is a source of strength and support greater than any challenge you may face.


hold onto hope, and to believe that there is a purpose unfolding beyond what you can see. Embrace the serenity that comes with knowing you are not alone in the battle; a greater force is at work, and with faith, victory is not just a possibility but a promise.

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In the face of difficulties, this phrase suggests letting go of the need to carry the burdens alone and recognizing that there is support from a higher source. It encourages individuals to rely on their faith and spiritual beliefs, finding strength in the belief that there is a larger plan at work.