Focus on God not on a worldly things

As Christians we already know that it is not good in God’s eyes if we focus on worldly things, but why are others still focusing on worldly things?
Many people share Bible verses about love, peace, and blessings but we can’t see about suffering or persecution. Because we only focus on blessings.
I’m not saying it’s bad to ask for blessings, but when you overdo it, you are abusive.

We only remember God when something good happens to us or when we need help. But did you remember him when you couldn’t control your anger?
We only use God to have a good life but we don’t want to use Him for His glory or spread the gospel. Because we are afraid of being persecuted and suffering.
We just want to have a comfortable life.


It encourages us to avoid becoming overly attached or fixated on material possessions, wealth, social status, or superficial desires that can distract from deeper spiritual truths and meaningful connections.

You are absolutely right. Focusing on God and prioritizing our spiritual connection over worldly things can bring us true fulfillment and inner peace.