First time mom

Hello, Guys! I want to share that I was 4months pregnant with our first baby. I am a first-time mom asking for tips from our mothers out there! I am very excited to have a child after our six-year relationship. My husband was so hands-on in taking care of our baby and me.
This pregnancy changed my whole lifestyle, from my foods to my daily routine. I learned to eat veggies and fruits. I enjoy the changes that our baby is doing to me.
I salute all the mommies willing to do everything for their babies inside their tummies! In some months now, we will see our little bundle of joy! Please include me in your prayers to have a safe delivery.
God bless us!


It’s great news, Anita! Congratulations!
I am happy for you. May God guide and protect both of you from any harm and danger.
God bless and take care always.
I will pray for your safe delivery.

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I pray for the health, safety, and well-being of your child. Protect them from harm, sickness, and adversity. Grant them growth and development in all aspects of life, and help you to be a positive influence in their life, leading by example and teaching them your ways.