Face the problem but don't worry too much about it

Face the problem but don’t worry too much about it. Pray and ask for God’s guidance. You can also ask others for advice. Just calm down. Everything will pass if you take it slowly.

Yes, problems are part of life. But don’t exaggerate it. There are problems that you can’t really avoid so don’t add to them or make them worse. If you want to stay positive even in the midst of challenges and trials, there is only one thing you should do, don’t focus on the problem. Focus on what you need to do to solve your problem.


Thank you for encouragement Brag, sometimes I can’t avoid to get discourage when I am facing my problems since I don’t what I am going to do.
But still I am still hold to God, hoping that everything will be alright.

You know what as a human being we can’t avoid to feel hopeless when we face difficulties especially when no one there to help you. Like me I am in debt because of the death of my mother sometimes I cried thinking how can I pay may debt.
I feel so tired of everything.