Experience serves as a lesson in the life you walk

Experience serves as a lesson in the life you walk.
The beginning and the end are alike; for every end, there is a destined beginning.
I am not strong, but I have a strong God who protects me every moment of my life.
Little by little, I learned to accept the things I didn’t want to lose before.

It gives us the motivation to work hard and continue because we have already been there, and we don’t want to go back from that situation.
Keep striving and learning so that we can get what we want in this life and don’t forget that God is there every step- of your journey.

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Indeed! when you have a lot of experience you can gain a lot of lessons because you learned from that experience.
It gives you motivation to keep going and work hard.

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Thank you Stephen for the message.
God bless you and your family.