Even if we don't see our God , we know he is always there for us

Even when we can’t see God with our eyes, we can feel His presence in our hearts and lives. His love is a constant, unwavering force that guides us through both the sunny days and the stormy nights.

Remember that His plans for us are always for our good, and He is there to support, comfort, and guide us, even when we can’t see the ahead.
Have faith and trust in His divine presence, and you will find the strength to overcome any challenge that come your way.
You are never alone, for God is always with you.

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Faith is the assurance of things unseen, and even when we can’t physically see God, we can feel His presence in our hearts and in the world around us. Trust that He is always there, guiding, protecting, and loving you, even when the path ahead seems uncertain. Your faith is a powerful source of strength and comfort.