Draw strength from God

In moments of weakness, let His love be your anchor, and His wisdom be your guide.
Trust in HIs plan, find solace in His presence, and feel the empowering grace that flows from above.
With God, there is an endless reservoir of strength waiting to fortify your spirit.
Lean on Him, and you’ll discover a resilience that transcends earthly challenges.
May His strength be your foundation, and may you rise with unwavering faith.


Lean on your faith for strength, knowing that there is a higher power that cares for you. Trust in the plan that is unfolding and believe that you are never alone. Seek refuge in prayer, find peace in meditation, and let your faith be a source of resilience in the face of challenges.

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Trust in His promises, and know that His strength is always available to you. As you navigate life’s journey, may the strength drawn from God be a guiding force, leading you to greater resilience and peace.