Don't let yourself carried away by your problem

To the people who become weak in life, and become negative in thinking.
Sometimes we lose faith in God because we think we are being tortured.
Because of the pain that we felt.

Always remember all the time there is changes, there is happiness, and there is sadness, but we don’t need to focus on ourselves on that problem, let’s make the problem a challenge so that we can better see the real reason, why we are in that situation.
We can know the real reason why God gave us that trials.


Thank you for this word of wisdom Allyn, lately, I can help to think of some negatives, since It’s hard for me to move forward. I am struggling with different things.
Still, I believe that God never abandoned me because I am His child, He loves me despite all my shortcomings.

That is a good advice. It’s easy to get caught up in our problems and let them overwhelm us. However, it’s important to remember that problems are a natural part of life, and we can learn to manage them in healthy ways.
By taking proactive steps to address your problems and focusing on solutions, you can avoid getting carried away by them.