Don't ever lose sight of the wonderful person you are

Life can be disappointed you sometimes,
and things happen that you didn’t expect and don’t deserve. But don’t ever downplay your abilities. Keep living your life the best way you know how, with persistence, patience, and determination. Let go of the bad things and keep the good.

There is so much ahead awaiting for you: chances for new adventures, possibilities you never even dreamed of, and so many people who love you.

Take time to rediscover yourself. Picture what you want to come into your life. Choose happiness and keep believing in the wonderful person you are.

  • Vickie M. Worsham
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Thank you for sharing this @alessandro_claude , I am grateful that I am always read a lot of encouraging or inspiring word in this communities.
May the Lord will guide , protect and bless you all!
Have a wonderful day!

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@Michael_Scott thank you so much!